Further success for Magni who are shorlisted for a Chair award

design et al are delighted to announce that Magni have been shortlisted in the Chair Category of the International Product Design Awards 2105 

The “Amsterdam” Chair, is hand-crafted in Southern California and made of solid hand-cast bronze.Growing up in the Midwest, James Magni was always inspired by the barren quality of trees in the harsh winters. Initially moulded  in clay,  the Amsterdam chair, is reminiscent of the sculptural shapes of these trees and the organic geometry of their limbs. The material of bronze and the lost wax process lends itself beautifully to the organic shapes and forms.

Amsterdam Chair_Page_1_Image_0001

This free-form idea is carried through to the upholstery of the seat, as it is pieced together with an almost patchwork quality and hand-stitched in a very organic way. No two chairs are alike. The finish on the bronze is a multi-layered process highlighting the highs and lows of the bronze, therefore giving you the subtle effect of tree bark. The design is also available as a table and can be made  in a silver patina and oil rubbed bronze.

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