Further success for Mari Ianiq, Shortlisted for a Table Award

design et al are pleased to announce the further success of MARI IANIQ in the International  Product Design  Awards 2016, shortlisted for a Table Award.

The already iconic HAPPY CLOVER side table is one of the most important designs from MARI IANIQ, featuring the four-leaf clover motif as its top with handmade metal framings and nacre inlays.

The product is also available in an exclusive, limited edition version, where the decorative balls and table tops are made from semi-precious stones like onyx, marble or granite, hand-crafted by a jeweller.

8.2 HAPPY CLOVER side table by MARI IANIQ close up

As with all other objects in this collection, it is inspired by the eternal four-leaf clover motif seen in high-end jewellery. Each piece is bespoke, so it can be customised to meet the individual desires of our clients. We can mix metals within one piece, and for very special we can even research and use the finest materials available out of our already top-quality range.

9.5 HAPPY CLOVER side table by MARI IANIQ - limited edition

The HAPPY CLOVER side table consists of 220 separate elements produced in minute detail from brass and put together by highly skilled artisans. It takes several weeks to make each table. It is a true jewel in every space in which it lives, making your interior feel extra special. Shown here in brass framing (in two different finishes – matt and high gloss), with an olive nacre top and black, lacquer legs.


A favourite  and key aspect of this product is the four leaf clover design. As in any of her collections, this is inspired by Mari’s jewelery line. This table-jewel plays the same role in a space as a fine jewel decorating a stylish outfit. It is well-proportioned, luxurious and fun to live with.