Successfully Shortlisted: Congratulations Dorothy Draper & Co In The Global – Beach Hotel Category For The International Hotel & Property 2016 Awards

design et al are thrilled to announce that Dorothy Draper & Co have been successfully shortlisted in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2016. “This isn’t the real tropics – it’s Florida. So in this hotel, Dorothy Draper haven’t used the hot tropical colours. They used true Florida colours, colours that are bright and clear – the rich greens of the palms, the soft reds, pinks and yellows of the hibiscus, the bright blues and aquamarines of the sky and ocean.

Dorothy Draper - The Colony Hotel - Global - Beach Hotel - Thumbnail

Look outside. Look how bright the light is. The colours are all right there,” says Carleton Varney about the project. The entire hotel, from the lobby to the penthouse on the top floor, across the street in the seven villas, and the ballroom across the pool all received a complete re-imagining that has created a new Colony.

Dorothy Draper - The Colony Hotel - Global - Beach Hotel - T5

The transformation from a typical, generic hotel to a true show-piece on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, a block from the ocean, is staggering. The property now is the centre of the society scene, from receiving the who’s who of the world as guests to playing host to great events and other functions either in The Pavilion Ballroom or the terrace adjacent to the pool. The Royal Room Cabaret is a true Palm Beach tradition that was not forgotten. Giving new life to this classic space adds a touch of nostalgia. This project is so unique and special to the residents of Palm Beach as it truly is such an iconic property that now has new life and a fresh approach.

Dorothy Draper - The Colony Hotel - Global - Beach Hotel - T2

Carleton Varney re-imagined the entire property $15-million, top-to-bottom re-do of The Colony Hotel by drenching the interior with colour and Palm Beach flavour in true Draper style.