Sugar Beach - A Sun Resort

Citronella’s Sugar Beach Resort by Sugar Beach – A Sun Resort

Sugar Beach – A Sun Resort have been shortlisted for Beach Hotel – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020

Experiencing a complete 360-degree turnaround, Citronella’s beach chic restaurant, of Sugar Beach Resort, has been reinvented to be a fresh, inviting and dynamic offering. Inspired by the menu and cuisine, Sugar Beach have elevated the Mediterranean vibes through a fresh, light and airy aesthetic that is in line with its surroundings and colonial structure.

Sugar Beach - A Sun Resort

Clean lines draw the eye at the revised version of Citronella’s, all the way across the new wooden deck and out to sea. The Architect/Interior designer has brilliantly turned Citronella’s into a stylish beachside destination that’s sure to be popular both day and night. And of course, it’s sure to be a hotspot at sunset, with front row seats to nature’s light show that dazzles with purples, pinks and golds. The new deck boasts a bar, pizza station, comfortable lounges and fire pit. The quality of the food and beverages are of the highest standard, the atmosphere is inclusive, with a feeling of family and togetherness, something synonymous with Italy. Bringing people together to enjoy the senses of taste, smell, sight and sound. The passion and commitment for delivering the highest quality dining experience is achieved through creating a unique blend of atmosphere and culinary delights.

Sugar Beach - A Sun Resort

Citronella’s was previously known for its irresistible and wonderfully satisfying Italian fare, but this revised version will be offering a vast selection of Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Citronella’s has its unique presence; it offers the combination of amazing seascape and gastronomic cuisine that you can find at Sugar Beach Resort. The restaurant that has one of the finest settings over the tranquil waters of the beautiful Flic en Flac region. The design works so well as every object reveals a layer of meaning. Contemporary art is an inspiration, a guide and a muse. Specialist artisan skills where used for this project, with professional carpenters and masons to help create the design.

Sugar Beach - A Sun Resort

Located on the beach and surrounded by the coconut trees, Citronella’s at Sugar Beach Resort offers a relaxed experience in a beautifully natural atmosphere.

Sugar Beach – A Sun Resort

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