Congratulations to Sunbeam Jackie who have been Shortlisted for a Table Award

design et al is pleased to  announce Sunbeam Jackie have been shortlisted for a Table Award in the International Product Design Awards 2016.

The Rose Table is an exquisitely beautiful etched glass table that exhibits and synthesises a love of the hand-drawn process with the delicate precision of laser cutting technology.

The table is handcrafted with a custom-made ash frame and hand-cut leather tension straps, which supports the glass tabletop. The etched design in the glass takes its inspiration from iconic rose windows found in medieval cathedrals. Artists and Sunbeam Jackie founders, Charlie and Katy hand-drew the floral designs, working them into the rose window formation to create a visually stunning surface.

1. Rose Cocktail Table

Charlie Napier, founder and designer says: “The Rose Cocktail Table was the next natural step in our product design. The Sunbeam Jackie lifestyle is decadent, quietly rebellious and above all completely committed to handcrafted design, made in Cornwall.”

The Design Brief was to create a luxurious cocktail table that could work both indoors and outdoors and would be easy to move as the weather changes.

Although the table looks stunning in an indoor setting, when placed outside you get an amazing effect from the sun shining through the etched design. The floral pattern projects off the table and on to the surrounding floor, creating a decadent environment perfect for both cocktail-connoisseurship and modern-day meditation

7. Rose Cocktail Table

Charlie and Katy were inspired for the construction of the table from the tradition of campaign furniture. The frame folds up, allowing for very easy transition from indoor to outdoor furniture. Perfect for clients who wish to use the table in different locations throughout the seasons. It is rare to have such an elegant table that not only feels natural in both spaces, but is also easy to transport or store.

Each table is made to order in Cornwall, using local craftsman at every stage of the process. While the current rose pattern is very popular, because each table is custom crafted, designers or clients can work with artists Katy and Charlie to create a bespoke pattern that complements an existing or planned design scheme. This adaptability allows for complete customisation, which is very rare and highly sought after in an age of mass produced pieces.

Sunbeam Jackie