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Congratulations to Sunset Homes shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £50,000 Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that Sunset Homes has been shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £50,000 Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.

Project Harmony built by Sunset Homes is a transitional home with an industrial look tailored to the wishes and needs of a young couple. The main goal the homeowners had was to have bright and spacious amenities to cater for their social lifestyle, with an industrial look which is why they selected steel and concrete as part of their finishings. Their colour palette is very minimalist with white and grey tones allowing the steel and concrete to be the focal points in their design.

Sunset Homes

The home was designed to allow for plenty of natural light into every room of the home and open spaces allowed Sunset Homes to maximise the impact of daylight as much as possible. By giving the whole home a very open and welcoming feeling allowed Sunset Homes to fulfil the client’s desires, who required a home that was fit for socialising but also felt extremely homely. All the structural columns in this home are made of steel, the clients also selected steel pan treads for their stairs matched with maple stringers creating a beautiful and luxurious industrial look for their home.Sunset Homes

As the open concept was one of the main goals for this custom home, the main storey was designed to have as fewer walls as possible to maximize the use of space, and with plenty of windows to allow for natural light. To match the client’s hobbies, Sunset Homes integrated a martial arts/dojo Studio in the basement as well as a home office with art studio located in the main story which has beautiful built-ins designed to their exact needs.

Sunset Homes

Part of a highly desired community in the inner city in which old homes are being replaced by modern and efficient homes, Project Harmony was built to a level of energy performance that is 7% more efficient than the reference home which makes it comparable to a Silver Built Green Certification.

Sunset Homes

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