Surrealist-Inspired Working Space For Taiwanese Entrepreneur

surreal-4The Surreal Rhapsody, an office interior designed by Rainmark Design for a Taiwanese entrepreneur has made the final selection into The International Design & Architecture Awards 2013 – Office Interior Award.

Micheal Wei wanted to give his staff a more creative and comfortable working space. When the decision came to integrate his multiple businesses into one space, an opportunity arose for Rainmark Design to expand the realms of creativity into an unlimited artistic experience.

As well as a relaxation area for the day time, the design required a bespoke rehearsal stage for the client’s theatre company which runs performances at night. For this, a lighting system was designed to illuminate the stage area during shows.

The ceiling above the rehearsal area incorporates an intriguingĀ  sculpture which gives a sense of weight on one side, yet on the other it looks light and delicate, almost like a butterfly. A Dali-inspired melting guitar conference table fills the meeting area, a flowing floor gives the impression of a river in our subconscious, magical and musical.

To capture the energy and movement of thoughts, the potential and possibility of them breaking through into a creative ideas spontaneously, the main path in the working space is a installation inspired by artist Yaacov Agam.

As a design company, we hope that this space is loved by people who work here or have visited here and to make them think differently about interior design. We think this space is functional, artistic and full of wonder.

One of the most fascinating parts of the project was the freedom to explore shape, materials and colour, to let thoughts fly above function, and yet meet the necessary demands of functionality at the same time.