Susie Watson Designs Shortlisted In the International Product Design Awards 2014

Susie Watson Designs Are Shortlisted for the Fabric Award In The International Product Design Awards 2014

Rose Linen – By Susie Watson Designs
Roses have always been very prevalent in Susie’s sketch book and this design evolved through many different sketching sessions in her garden. The design focuses on the flower, making it feel powerful and strong compared to its stem and the butterflies around it, the effect is something quite regal, like the design on a signet ring or a hallmark.


The design is stylised in shape and the striped colouring brings it a more modern flavour, it’s this twist on the flower that makes the design such a success, it’s an original take on the most traditional of flowers and it therefore complements both contemporary settings well. There are two colour ways; Red and Pink.


All products by Susie Watson Designs are handmade. All fabrics are hand-printed, no machines, just humans. A huge amount of skill and care goes into each product. Susie Watson Designs are often recognised for their colours and this is because all their fabrics are traditionally dyed and woven and an enormous amount of effort goes into every shade.

Here is a film to tell the story of their production: