SY Estoril by Trimm Design

Trimm Design have been shortlisted for Concept Over 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

The underlying concept that determines every aspect of the Estoril by Trimm Design, is the combination of elements that are seemingly at odds with each other. Estoril serves to accentuate the fact that opposing characteristics can successfully be combined, dramatically and yet harmonically in one object.

Trimm Design

The basis of the boat is the single bodied hull, which is stubborn and solid, so the yacht rests in the sea. The outline is unbroken by high galleries, high rising steering stand. The sturdiness of the hull is accentuated by the dark anthracite colour.

This solid, dark hull is framed a tender aluminium top of the railing which starts aft and bow and widens midship to extend underwater into a hydrofoil and into a gently bend cover over deck. Set into this cross-deck covering is the dark glassed roof of the bridge, bend and rounded to be in harmony with the light cover, but in impressive contrast with regard to material and colour.

Trimm Design

The white hydrofoil embraces and lifts the boat optically as well as physically when under sail, supporting to make her gliding swiftly through the sea.

This lofty expression is also the principle by which the designer chooses the style of the sail. Both masts and booms are of carbon, the booms housing integrated sail systems. Sails can be set within minutes and the boat can thus be steered by a small crew.

Trimm Design

The sails are translucent and resemble in shape and style the sails of junkies of Far Eastern lands where the play with light material and contrasts is also an underlying concept of their cultures. These paper light sails look fragile but propel the boat safely and with the usage of carbon, tween keels and an optimized weight distribution, she promises excellent performance even at high speed and dire conditions.

Trimm Design

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