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SYLKA™ products are made with a new fibre system NuSilk™. This fibre system is a luxury fibre engineered to replicate the delicate aesthetic qualities of natural silk.

Although products made with NuSilk™ are delicate and luxurious to touch, the polymer from which NuSilk™ is derived makes it extremely durable and hardwearing. The SYLKA™ collection, unlike any other natural silk or faux silk product, has a commercial grading, making it suitable for commercial use such as corporate, hospitality, luxury hotels, penthouses, luxury super yachts and fine residences.

Unlike all natural and faux silk luxury floor covering, including viscose and bamboo, NuSilk™ is the only fibre system of its type that will retain its beauty and delicate feel after cleaning. The cleaning properties of NuSilk™ are quite simply amazing and the more you use it the better it gets!

The SYLKA™ Velour and Royale Collections come in four designer-friendly natural shades that will complement any living space and create the look, as well as the feel, of luxury but we can also customise SYLKA™ carpets to any desired shade, for minimum orders of 80 square metres, with delivery in just six to eight weeks from the date of the order.

SYLKA™ is ideal as a close fitted carpet but we also offer bespoke rugs that can be made to any size, using leather, faux leather, linen or cotton bindings as a border for a unique product.

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