Sylka Marine - Sylka Carpets

Congratulations to Sylka Marine (Sylka Carpets) shortlisted for Flooring Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018

Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Sylka Marine (Sylka Carpets) have been shortlisted for the Flooring Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018.

This project is the creation of a completely unique hand-crafted logo inset into a plain field of carpet using Sylka’s innovative NuSilk™ fibre in the world’s largest trimaran, MY Galaxy of Happiness. Built in 2016, MY Galaxy of Happiness is the world’s largest trimaran and the 53m spaceship-like vessel features an exterior designed by world-renowned boat builder, Jean-Jacques Coste.

Such a high-profile yacht required an interior to match and so Mr Marek Olko CEO of O&O European Design sought the services of Sylka Carpets and its Managing Director Steve Farrell to aid in achieving the client’s brief. With a short deadline of just six weeks from instruction to installation, Sylka were able to produce bespoke samples within days. Prior to the installation, the main salon of Galaxy of Happiness featured hardwood floors, which while contemporary, did not meet the luxurious appearance or feel that you would expect of this famous trimaran.

Sylka Marine - Sylka Carpets

The final decision was to create a striking logo, which has been achieved using Sylka’s new Hand Tufted services, with fine inlays of reflective Lurex. Whilst the rest of the installation incorporates Sylka’s popular Opulence range in a slightly off-white colour, which has a deep lustre that works well alongside the unique Hand Tufted logo. To ensure that the carpet maintained its luxurious silky appearance under the harshest conditions, Sylka utilised its Aquadefence treatment, which repels water, oil and other substances to reduce the risk of staining.

It would be fair to say that this outstanding design element has completely transformed the main salon of this yacht, creating an environment that is warm and welcoming, while still maintaining the opulent appearance of one of the world’s most distinguished vessels. As the yacht is designed to be in regular use, the benefits of Sylka appealed to the designer and the owner of the yacht. Sylka’s carpets are made with the innovative microfibre system NuSilk™, which is delicate, luxurious, extremely durable and hard-wearing making it exceptionally versatile. Unlike all natural and faux silk luxury floor covering, including viscose and bamboo, NuSilk is the only fibre system of its type that will retain its beauty and delicate feel after cleaning, all of which has helped contribute to SYLKA’s outstanding success.

Sylka Marine - Sylka Carpets

The overall design of the Galaxy of Happiness when initially built incorporated a lot of luxurious wood and leather, but the inclusion of new soft furnishings and, in particular, Sylka’s new installation in the main salon gives the yacht a new, luxurious and welcoming feel, which is very much on trend. This service was a new addition to Sylka’s repertoire in 2017 and has proven remarkably popular with its customers, many of whom are seeking one-off designs that are achieved with the techniques used by Sylka’s team of craftspeople. The way that SYLKA combines luxury and practicality means that their products are regularly specified for high-profile vessels from 20 metres to 100 metres plus superyachts, including high-profile projects such as MY Galaxy of Happiness.