THE SYMYS SUKHUMWIT 61 by That Is ITH Interiors

That Is ITH Interior have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Asia Pacific Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

The project name “symys” was created from the reflection of “sym”, short term of symmetry – the project meaning of life balance. The project is a luxury residence that is designed to be able to fit in within the hectic city of Bangkok.

That Is ITH Interior

The project portrays vibrancy vs serenity this is due to it being located right in the centre of the hectic city of Bangkok yet surrounded within serene neighbourhood. The design style showcases a timeless yet modernity feels with flawless exceptional luxury. The residences within this area are a private community fulfilled with exclusive amenities. This concept has been applied throughout the space, lobby and show units.

That Is ITH Interior

Creating this lobby like a lifestyle community rather than typical sales gallery space. The counter was introduced as the main feature in the space welcoming all the guests in a casual and chic environment.

It resonates the lifestyle of the audience. The environment of the venue is casual, relaxed and cosy more like a lounge that guests can easily mingle and move around in. It is an area that allows people to connect due to the open spaces and well-placed furniture which is laid out in a way which invites people to engage. This helps to create the relaxed atmosphere whilst also being ultra-luxury.

That Is ITH Interior

There were elements within the design that were created specifically for the project which help to add to the luxury feel. Custom woven metal was exclusively designed for this project in the 2-bedroom unit which helps tie together the rooms and the colour schemes within the property. The headboards within the master bedrooms where also custom-made using hand-made peeling out of leather. These elements added an extra touch of luxury to the property in order to finish off the look and feel within the property.

That Is ITH Interior

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