Maison Arabella

Table Objet by Maison Arabella

Maison Arabella have been shortlisted for Table Award  in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Minimalist yet impactful, the Table Objet duo combine to create a sustainable lasting piece that offers a sophisticated versatility.

Table Objet embodies Arabella’s vision of creating a piece that fulfils artistry with sustainability. She brings the same eye and hand to all her design. For her, furniture should be looked at for its daily use, and whether it is utilised or not, a furniture piece should energise an environment in the same way a painting or sculpture does.  This approach is particularly true for the Table Objet, for which the vision was to create a versatile piece whose originality is expressed in both the design and the use of raw materials in a way that exalts them.

Maison Arabella

The design uses an innovative new technique to make a resin and marble surface. Celebrating British making, Maison Arabella worked closely with a craftsman based in East London to develop a sophisticated terrazzo-style design with a modern, seamless look. Together, they have created an exclusive colour combination, a version that is slim in comparison to his other creations. This allowed the designers to reduce the total weight of the top and achieve a material more suitable for furniture design.

Maison Arabella

Each Table Objet inherently is unique due to the artisan methodology in creating a stand-out finish which comes in multiple variation of upcycled- marble and complementary resin colours. The impactful form of Table Objet have been achieved by the minimal lines of the design and the use of solid brass, a genuine material that worked with skill becomes precious and highly desirable. The patination that will slowly develop is intended to allow the piece to evolve in its environment. Conceived as a duo, Table Objet offers a practical approach to modern living, as the two pieces can be set together or as separate tables, with the taller offering the option of the perfect side table to a sofa or armchair.

Maison Arabella

Maison Arabella

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