Tatiana Tafur shortlisted for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017

Tatiana Tafur has been shortlisted for the Table award in the The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017.

The beautiful table was designed to be a natural progression of the Paracas chest collection (which can be viewed on the Tatiana Tafur website). Similar to the chest, the table is also finished in parchment – a stylish finish achieved by using hand treated goatskin.


Tatiana Tafur developed the design with the deep blue colour gradient reminiscent of a lagoon. The team wanted to make something that will have fluidity and show the skin at it’s best. The curved wood base follows the clean lines of the top and the check ebony band detail on the apron and foot of the base adds a touch of art deco to the piece.Blue-Lagoon-table-side-2resized

Tatiana Tafur