Terme Di Saturnia Hotel Spa & Golf Resort by THDP

THDP have been shortlisted for Spa – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021. 

The  resort,  founded in 1919, has just turned 100 years old, and is located to the nearby Gorello Water Falls, both forming one of the most unique spa complexes in the world, for the spectacular  geological dynamic conformation of the waters, which flow from the crater and end up in gentle waterfalls with shallow natural shallow pools.

The design of this important project was entrusted to a team of professionals specialized in different specific skills, all with backgrounds of experience suitable for different roles.  The THDP studio, based in London and Turin and with an international background,  carried out the interior project, with architect Manuela Mannino, Nicholas Hickson and the collaboration of Architect Francesca Benedetti, during two years of renovations. The direction and co-ordination of this team was entrusted to the engineer Patrizia Scafati,  who followed the  technical coordination of Terme di Saturnia.

The briefing of the property was to obtain an obvious and perceived renewal result, maintaining the original internal architectural structure and preserving some high-quality furnishings, of the initial project of the architect Lorenzo Bellini.

The 132 guest rooms have undergone an intensive renovation program, bringing the interiors up to an international quality equivalent to a 5 star brand. The focus is on the comfort of the guest, the services and the production of an interior that reflects the softer, more relaxed interior narrative style of public areas. Creative details customize these rooms, such as the new upholstery that covers the closets, designed exclusively for the resort by THDP and the artistic project of the paintings, evocative of the colours of the spa, created by the artists Due Alberi of Rome.

An important intervention of the project was the amalgamation of some rooms to create spacious suites with bedroom and living room, connected by a sliding double door. The colour palette for the rooms is inspired by the colours of the seascape: the room appears in a fresh and innovative style, while remaining the connotations of a recognizable Tuscan style, giving rise to a timeless design.

The entrance is the first impact for the guest, the focus is on the insertion of a single large central door, a focal fireplace that conveys the sense of welcome, the welcome table and a lounge. It remains the existing central window, enveloping the existing central olive tree with seats covered with outdoor fabrics.


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