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Cloisters Design have been shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £50,000 Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The client – like so many nowadays – wanted a large open plan living, dining & kitchen area. The only preliminary demand was for a large island with the initial brief being far from detailed. Instead, they trusted Cloisters Design’s experience and expertise to guide them through a process they had never experienced before. The brief changed and grew the more they learned about what was possible!

Cloisters Design

White and grey furniture, although popular, has the danger of being bland. But with the concrete cabinet interiors, tinted mirrors, silver furnishings, glass pendants and a grand bespoke dining table – it very subtly creates an elegant atmosphere. Of course, however, it has to be the bar area that really stands out as Cloister Design’s favourite aspect of the project.

Cloisters Design

Creating zones in the kitchen is important and doing so in a large kitchen like this can mean you are always having to travel a long way just to make a cup of tea. Here Cloisters Design made sure the clients were never too far from reaching what they needed. The hot tap is directly opposite the fridge and the ovens closer to the hob. And by creating a separate run of furniture for all the mess, means your preparation space on the island can always be clear.

Cloisters Design

All cabinetry was made bespoke and built by hand, over in Cloister Design’s local workshop. Not a single item was ‘off the shelf’. To the trained eye there are also lots of hidden details that required specialist craftsmanship such as the three hide and slide door systems and the furniture arrangement under the Bora hob.

Cloisters Design

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