Further Shortlist Success for Alfred Johnson

Alfred Johnson have been shortlisted in the Wall Covering category with their innovative bespoke design, “The Wall”. Blurring the lines between what walls ought to be, the WALL creates a new approach to art in an environment and allows for it’s curves to absorb both natural and designed light, accentuating the immense detail within the design.

 Wallcovering - The Wall (1) (Custom)

The WALL (Wall Art Loves Life) – Inspired by compositions from Hans Zimmer, the WALL, it accentuates luxury biomorphic design language defining the space that it is applied in. Pushing the boundaries of art inspired environments; the stunning curves are a musical journey of rising and falling levels that are dominant factors in many of Hans Zimmer’s compositions.

Daylight allows its multilevel sections to create an almost musical performance using depth and shadow whilst accentuating a surreal vertical persona that is further emphasised by the concealed lighting during its nocturnal use.

Wallcovering - The Wall (3) (Custom)

Its optimum use is in Private Atriums, Hotel Lobbies and contemporary exterior spaces. Manufactured using materials like steel reinforced medium density fibre and clad in real wood veneer, the WALL comes in a bespoke variety of interior finishes and exteriors colours and is manufactured in Dubai.

The key aspects of the WALL are the creation of motion with its curves, accentuated by the concealed lighting detail. The approach to the WALL resonates original thought and approach to walls, space and their purpose.