Thibault Van Renne are shortlisted in the Flooring Category

design et al are delighted to annouce that Thibault Van Renne has been shortlisted in the Flooring Category of The International Product Design Awards 2015
Several months of detailed pixel by pixel designing went into creating this piece. The rug features fine intricate work that explores the boundaries of possibilities when using hand knotted weaving. An oriental design floats on a background that is designed to resemble icebergs upon seawater.

IPD_5The subtle color combinations emulate those found in nature and have an ephemeral quality. These features give the piece depth and create the illusion of movement. At the end of the 6 months weaving time, the weavers cut out the design by hand to create a three dimensional effect. This unique piece with its striking combination of colours, textures and intricacies is eye catching and beautiful but also carries a poignant message that is extremely relevant to our current climate. Thibault Van Renne rugs’ superior quality is achieved by using selected natural raw materials and by applying authentic traditional production methods. Experienced local weavers work for them with Cashmere wool, natural silk, hemp and nettle. The pile and high knot density make for particularly strong and nearly indestructible rugs. All-natural vegetable pigments are also used exclusively to create the various colours. More attractive, more colourfast and better for the environment! The rugs are also washed and treated in an environmentally friendly way. For each rug, several samples are created until the quality meets their stringent criteria, resulting in rugs that are easy to maintain,and furthermore makes the rugs stain- and dirt-resistant, longwearing and suitable for under-floor heating. Thibault Van Renne is able to create exactly what you want in any size you wish. They can adjust existing motifs, come up with personalized designs without supplement and develop new colours at the customer’s request.


Thibault Van Renne