Tobola Architects: Shortlisted in the ID&A Awards 2014

design et al are delighted to announce the successful shortlist for Tobola Architects in the ID&A Awards 2014 for the Asia Pacific £1-2.5 Million Award.

 Tobola Architects- Hunters Hill, NSW Australia Thumbnail

The main inspiration for the design of this spectacular four bedroom residence was the breathtaking unique view of the bush valley, the peaceful location and the close proximity to nature.

The surrounding views have been framed by using large glazing in the living room, which captures the bush views in almost every room of this house. The bush valley views located to the front of the house have been captured even in master bedroom located at the rear of the property. Windows in almost every room of this house provide beautiful views.


Tobola Architects- Hunters Hill, NSW Australia Image 2

By using the natural light and natural ventilation the house has been created with no dark areas. There is a corridor running through the middle of the house, and this is filled with natural light, and the cross ventilation adds to the lack of air conditioning required, even during the hot Australian summer.


Tobola Architects- Hunters Hill, NSW Australia Image 4

The high ceiling in the living room has added the ‘Wow’ factor to the interiors and contributed to the cross ventilation throughout the entire house. Timber cladding of the elevation has been carefully studied and there is a soft transition between the bush located across the street and the very modern building envelope.

The designer has created a house which is a pleasant space to live in whilst also allowing the occupants to experience the surrounding nature on a daily basis.