The Tower by Accouter Design

Accouter Design have been shortlisted for Living Space – London Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

Based in the heart of Chelsea, Chelsea Waterfront plays host to one of its most iconic buildings, The Tower. Accouter Design were approached by the developers with the brief of creating a space that would appeal to a wide demographic, all of whom appreciated and lived a luxury lifestyle. The potential owners would travel internationally, and the apartment may be used as a home away from home, therefore an essence of a high-end hotel needed to be present throughout the lateral apartment. Accouter Design were tasked to work with the unique floor plan in order to show how the spaces can be utilised.


Accouter Design

The design inspiration came from two avenues. The first being nature, overlooking the large cityscape, a serene space was of absolute priority. Secondly, to complement the outdoors, an elegant yet contemporary design was conceived which was accented with soft touches of the oriental. This can be seen within the finishes of the bespoke joinery piece in the dining area where cascading ginkgo leaves are designed as if windswept in an autumnal setting. The fabrics used throughout give subtle nods to the orient along with dark timbers used in linear aspects. Earthy hues sit alongside turquoise and amber tones conveying a sense of serene elegance overlooking the sleepy River Thames.


Accouter Design

Renowned for capturing a brief and creating the desired impact for high-end clients, Accouter Design developed a scheme to flow through the apartment, exemplifying pure tranquillity. Emulating the perfect symmetry of the building’s design within the interior was key, creating functional zones within the spaces was paramount to the client’s brief. Taking blue hues reminiscent of blue sky days along with contrasting beiges and dashes of gold, an organic flow was achieved throughout, accented with nods to nature that catch and focus attention within each room, using multiple layers of sumptuous textures to do so, leading the eye to discover more layers on each perusal of the space.

Accouter Design

Accouter Design

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