Congratulations to TRESISMO shortlisted for the Luxury Residence – America Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2018

design et al are delighted to announce that TRESISMO have been shortlisted for the Luxury Residence – America Award within The International Design and Architecture Awards

TRESISMO designed this project so it was oriented to develop a spectacular and comfortable space with modern and sleek architecture, contained in a house located in the mountains that is surrounded by nature.

The concept was inspired by the people who inhabit the residence. The space included spacious rooms that offered conviviality and unity, while providing comfort for family and guests. As an independent architectural element of the residence, the cinema room owns a unique design that was conceived one hundred percent according to their request of private family coexistence space. Design, lighting and acoustic fabric, were essential to achieve a magnificent result.


The transitional style was perfectly adapted to the client’s taste, attaining the perfect combination of contemporary elements with existing classic elements. With the inclusion of custom made furniture, TRESISMO managed to personalise the space and make it the client’s own: intimate, playful and convivial. Likewise, the perfect fit was sought in the colour palette in order to reflect elegance combined with warmth, using golden and brown colours, balanced by white tones, contrasted with accents in green and yellow colours.


The use of textures that highlight and balance the space was a complete success in TRESISMO’s design. The lighting proposal was simple and linear. Indirect lighting was designed to create a striking and bold space that accentuates the strategic spaces, and mirrors were incorporated to emphasize the impression of spaciousness. Generating an adequate environmental psychology, the materials used included natural marble stones and fine fabrics. The elements and textures were proposed not only for aesthetic purposes, but also functional, contemplating cleanliness, low maintenance and long durability, for the benefit of the client.

The residence already held a golden ceiling in the dining room with a Greek sculpture and a stunning classic chandelier.  The way TRESISMO developed the bar’s design, brought the perfect balance in terms of form and style, integrating the golden texture in an extraordinary way with beautiful stones, and making it absolutely functional. The lighting design brings different scenarios to each specific purpose.


Everything was planned to accomplish style preferences, creating a perfect composition between materials, colours and textures, adding the perfect environmental psychology in each space.  The lighting design, different types of seating, low maintenance and long duration of materials selected, all of them combined harmoniously and perfectly balanced, have transformed a sleek and minimal architecture into a social, functional and unique space, faithful to the style of the host family.

This residence of monolithic and modern architecture is covered mostly with natural Arabica stone and grey marble floors, with white walls and skies.


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