Twin Palms Hotels & Resorts, Phuket – Wagyu Steakhouse by NAO Taniyama & Associates

NAO Taniyama & Associates have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Asia Pacific Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

Phuket, one of Asia’s most famous resort destinations. Naturally, it is home to a variety of steakhouses. Restaurants in resorts often try to keep costs down and use inexpensive materials to maximize profitability. Meanwhile, WAGYU is made not only for tourists, but also for locals of various nationalities.

The aim of the design brief was for a “Locally loved store”, it is necessary to create delicate stores which are difficult to achieve in resorts. The restaurant has a small bar and lounge which is a social gathering place for people living in the neighbourhood. On the lower floor, which is connected by a large void, is a simple, hygienic grill kitchen, and a custom showcase where guests directly choose the part they want to eat, and exclusive dining seats. The art wall that penetrates these two spaces top to bottom is made up of a collection of woodblocks used to dye the batik, which gives the space strength and sophisticated locality. Guests will encounter different experiences in this space created of two layers and they will relive the experience with the security of being in one community.

The most important result of creating this restaurant is that the designers were able to create a stir on how restaurants should be in resorts. In other words, NAO Taniyama & Associates were able to provide new richness to people of various countries who live there. The lives of the people who live there are also in the resorts, and the richness in life should be that of a kind that nestles closely to their daily lives.

It is not solely the design that makes things work – the collaboration of the design with the operational concept as well as creating a space for locals and oversea guests to socialize makes the restaurant work. Many local specialist were used to achieve the end result.

NAO Taniyama & Associates

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