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Urban Loft Kitchen by Interior Concept Studio

Interior Concept Studio have been shortlisted for Kitchen Over £50,000 Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Urban Loft Kitchen has been designed by Interior Concept Studio as a modern space for social hosting. The home is based in the centre of a residential subdivision, and so the owners wanted their kitchen to stand out as able to host great events with neighbours and friends. Interior Concept Studio were tasked with a complete kitchen and living area renovation to suit the owner’s social events by updating the area with a contemporary approach without retracting from its functionality.

Interior Concept Studio

As party enthusiasts, Interior Concept Studio’s clients had requested a sleek kitchen with a modern ambience, though more importantly was the functionality. The designers had to consider the use of the kitchen as a social space but also when within a more intimate crowd. The configured custom storage and large scale refrigerators and freezer makes this kitchen hyper-functional, especially with many people using it simultaneously. The warm stained birch wood slab doors, and painted slabs in natural tones create a cosy elegance for when only in the company of themselves.

Interior Concept Studio

The clean lines and natural materials manifest a simple elegance within the design scheme. With the clients focus on functionality in mind, Interior Concept Studio equipped the kitchen with a large walk-in pantry hidden between 2 white panel doors, so that they can store their small appliances when the room is used for entertaining; allowing for the space to remain uncluttered. The design is purpose built for hosting, and having their guest feel welcome. The contrast in materials between sleek quartz, glass back splash and the rustic brick provides the loft with a tone of effortless luxury, yet the warm, natural tones makes for it to be inviting and comfortable.

Interior Concept Studio

Interior Concept Studio

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