Urban Palette Interiors

Sukoon Hotel by Urban Palette Interiors

Urban Palette Interiors have been shortlisted for Lobby/Public Areas – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

Urban Palette Interiors were tasked with designing a contemporary Art Deco multi-use lobby and lounge area for Sukoon Hotel – a boutique luxury hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The designers looked to make this a modern space with elegant touches to welcome the guests.

Urban Palette Interiors

This space is designed for a local real-estate developer and hotelier, and this project in particular is their first boutique hotel. In their brief, the client asked Urban Palette Interiors for a luxury space but one that is also cosy and welcoming.

The design for the hotel’s lobby and lounge area is inspired by a modern take on Art Deco with its chic atmosphere. Plush accessories were placed alongside soft geometric shapes for Urban Palette Interiors’ allusion to their Art Deco inspiration. The designer’s favourite aspect of this project is the glamorous marble flooring that exudes luxury. This flooring is one of the many layered textures which were used to add depth and drama to the space, along with eye-catching wallpaper and golden screen dividers creating a fresh experience for the guests.

Urban Palette Interiors

The public areas in Sukoon Hotel are multi-functional, and so Urban Palette Interiors provided contrasting design schemes to differentiate the spaces. The Lounge has a cosy English Library atmosphere, using earthy tones through the dark green sofas and brown leather armchairs but with golden niceties to maintain opulence. When moving to the patisserie the concept shift towards a Parisian influence, with goose grey velvet chairs, cool tones and arched mirrors on the walls. Though having different inspirations, the areas are unified by an open floor plan and marble finishes – keeping the space open yet intimate.

Urban Palette Interiors

Urban Palette Interiors’ design works so well because it allows people to interact socially, yet also offers them a more personal, quiet space to retreat to. As well as this, the visual layers and repetition of design elements across the public spaces create visual stimulation and draws interest to the overall open plan area for a welcoming experience.

Urban Palette Interiors

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