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Bar Atom Haus by Vadim Maltsev Design

Vadim Maltsev Design have been Shortlisted for Bespoke Cabinetry/Installation Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021.

The object of inspiration for the creation of the Bar Atom Haus was “House of Atomists” in Moscow – a sample of late Soviet modernism. It is popularly called “the Ship”, because of the external appearance of a drifting ship against the blue sky, stretched out by half a kilometre.

Vadim Maltsev Design

Crisp, simple and strict in lines and volumes, the House of Atomists became the prototype for the creation of the Atom bar in a nod to those architects, who make mistakes and create architectural masterpieces to seek the creation of the best habitat for the human life.

Vadim Maltsev Design

Vadim Maltsev Design’s favourite aspect of the project was being able to work with natural materials. The design works so well due to the unusual geometric lines, whilst the freshness of the design personifies an example of late Soviet modernism. It integrates well into the wider environment as it can is suitable to match almost any interior and the shape and style of the object will help the interior look fresh and unusual. It can also be harmoniously combined with other pieces of design furniture.

Vadim Maltsev Design

The dimensions of the cabinetry are 635 x 415 x 1200mm, and the materials used consist of enamelled wood (elective) and veneer sheets (elective). Knowledge in the field of history, architecture and design was used throughout the project and specialist artisan skills were required when working with the natural woods and material processing. Looking at Bar Atom Haus, you feel the idea of the architect, who is still on the same search for mastering volumes and creating new plastic within an established style.

Vadim Maltsev Design

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