Vain Interiors have reached the shortlist for the Yacht Interior Design Award at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2013.



Vain Interiors’ interior scheme on board Smeralda (Hanseatic Marine’s 77m superyacht) will compete for the Yacht Interior Design Award at The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2013.


The yacht itself, designed by Espen Oeino, has also been shortlisted within the Asia Pacific Yacht and Aviation Awards 2013. The interior design scheme was led by Vain Interiors’ Andreas Holnburger, who shares his thoughts on the project here:
“When I started this project the guideline was very clear regarding the general arrangement of Smeralda. The Owner wanted to take advantage of the already developed design that was used on Silver and Silver Zwei, in order to utilize the “blueprint” as a series. As the Owner had used the first 2 boats extensively, it was quite easy to incorporate all the improvements he wanted to make into the interior design from a technical side.




“While creating the design concept for the interior I paid close attention to the owner’s identity and lifestyle and developed an interior that is luxurious, sophisticated and modern, without being formal. I knew that the interior of the yacht had to reflect this kind of lifestyle in order to be in synch with the Owner.


“Beyond this, I wanted to create a very individual interior with a harmonious but distinctive range of colours and gentle contrast. This was brought forth through the careful selection of materials which reveal their beauty upon touch, through the tactile nature of their textures. Over time these materials will develop a rich patina, bringing out the depth of their natural beauty even more. The unexpected combination of the highest quality materials on subtle surfaces, combined with the smooth and sophisticated lines of Smeralda, has resulted in the ultimate expression of a lifestyle instilled with timeless beauty.”


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