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House on the Hill by Veld Architects

Veld Architects have been shortlisted for Glasshouse Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Veld Architects were challenged to create a spacious, modern farmhouse, that was humble yet beautiful. Situated in Monaghan Farm, House on the Hill is a home designed to harness light whilst showcasing the encircling South African environs. Using clean lines and a modest design approach, Veld Architects embraced the sophistication of simplicity in this sustainable living home.

Veld Architects

Veld Architects successfully achieved their clients brief of a minimalist design, being guided by the simplicity of staying true to form following function. The reinterpretation of the traditional farmhouse in the South African context lead to the introduction of laser cut pergolas, instead of verandas to contribute to the modern farmhouse. A selection of natural materials and earthy tones added depth and detail to a simplistically styled palette. The extended visibility created by the glass draws attention to the cohesion of the interior design and its surrounds. Veld Architects designed this space in order to marry the interior with its exterior natural context – a modern interpretation of farmhouse.

Veld Architects

The courtyard property harnesses the natural sun angles creating a sustainable living home for the clients. The incorporation of glass into the design means that the home is able to harness northern light whilst making the most of the southern views, though having a central courtyard, it still allows for privacy when desired. Veld Architect’s reinterpretation of a modern farmhouse begins as the home is cut into the landscape allowing for the architecture to form part of the surroundings, though the natural palette of colour and texture adds to the seamless blend of the house within its context. This home is a celebration of inside and outside living, connecting the owners with the South African environment.

Veld Architects

Veld Architects

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