Congratulations to Violette Charavashka Design Shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £50,000 Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2018

design et al are delighted to announce that Violette Charavashka Design  have been shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £50,000 Award within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2018.

Set in the Minsk region of Belarus,  Violette Charavashka Desgin were commissioned to design a minimalistic and eco-friendly kitchen with lots of light, designed to complement the environment and link the outdoor areas with the indoor.

The client wanted the kitchen to be as open to the outside environment as possible, retaining however the benefits of a closed area, like heating since the climate is not very comfortable most of the year. There’s also not much sun, hence the need for a lot of light. And since it’s a kitchen, the space should be above all else functional.

Violette Charavashka Design

The kitchen is in complete contrast to the rest of the house, which is decorated in a much more classical style with a brighter colour palette, the kitchen was to be made as close to the outside as possible. The design is very simple and is well integrated into the outside area, the palette duplicates the outdoor colours, and the materials and textures are native to the surrounding landscape. The space acts as a transitional point between the more vividly decorated living rooms and mush softer-coloured outer landscape.

Violette Charavashka Design

Violette Charavashka Design  took the time to source environmentally-friendly materials, including a stabilized living moss wall. The textures throughout feel natural but not exquisite leaving the mood feeling relaxed, with functionality prevailing over wow effects. Even the illuminated Corian panels set within the kitchen feel natural and blend seamlessly with the outdoors, they are complimented perfectly with both ambient and spot lit lighting zones throughout the rest of the kitchen, all of which can be controlled to match the outdoor environment.

Violette Charavashka Design


Violette Charavashka Design

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