Congratulations to VIP Completions Winners of the Private Aviation Interior Design Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014

VIP Completions Ltd have been shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014, with their concept for a Boeing 787-9 VIP, entering the Private Aviation Interior Design Concept category.

The design, by Svetlana Mojic VIP Completions Ltd. and owner Salt and Water design studio, explores the different possibility that light and reflection provide – using modern white, black and a range of silver and grey tones to create light and dark effect providing the eye with contrast, in conjunction with the use of various textures and material surfaces.

From fore to aft on walkthrough this arrangement has a flow to the eye with pleasant transition from zone to zone.


On entrance to the aircraft the first feature you notice is a large galley area and foyer, turning right and walking into the aircraft you see a unique and eye catching feature straight ahead setting a certain expectation and always promoting a feel good smile. Navigating into the first of the larger designated zones, this area features a combination of owner and guest TTL lay flat seating, relaxation seats and side tables. Following this, a formal meeting and dining area with central table. The arrangement of a forward galley and the personal space of the owner or occasional charter guest located in the aft of the aircraft ensures that staff are not required to walk through these personal spaces and can serve from a forward galley, and afforded us to satisfy the client’s requirements of ample sized bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

Various linen and cushion colours are stowed onboard providing an immediate and simple change creating the desired ambience for the owner and guests. In using modern black, silver’s and grey’s as base colours this subtle change either standalone or in conjunction with the adjustment to the lighting of the bubble wall and backlighting creates several possibilities for the aircraft to provide a different look and feel. 787-9_VIP_img1

The salon layout – is absolutely unique and we have not seen a length ways split of the room before done so in a flowing style that the seating arrangement represents capturing the client’s expression for the flow of water, and provides an area which is removed of straight lines and immediately relaxing. Behind the bar and along the length of the salon where the ceiling line meets the wall panels runs a backlighting strip which can be adjusted for intensity or a softer ambience and changed in colour to the mood of the owner and guests; either together or independently. This open plan seating arrangement suits formal and informal discussion, relaxation post dinner from the dining room, as a cinema or vibrant use for cocktail and entertainment occasions.


Changing the mood – the idea for water was met with anticipation, complex in design with investigation to regulation and to be fit in a non structural manner. The bubble wall in the salon cleverly designed and contains a very low quantity of water which is up and backlit; and with a mirror finish behind provides for a much deeper look than exists. LED lighting colour is operated by an app in the client’s phone, or the control unit. Providing visual shape to the bubble wall the surrounding area is finished in black leather, the curved shape from top to bottom representation of a river, also reflected in the shape of the main salon seating arrangement, a subtle but effective touch.

The detail of the window shades provides a new depth look to the width of the cabins throughout and in 3D look deeply impressive with the offset built in affords for natural daytime light or night backlighting and also neatly houses the mechanisms for the electric powered window shades.

With the lights down low and only the ceiling down lighting in action the Swarovski crystals are the perfect reflectors of light, the galaxy look to the main ceiling feature arrangement provides a star like display as the light catches the crystals and is a feature in both the main salon and owners suite, a perfecting setting when laying in the bed.


Bedroom and en-suite – the client decided no business or second class seating at the aft of the aircraft opting instead to use the latter third of the aircraft for personal use; with a full width bedroom, private study with make-up area and large en-suite bathroom with shower. The central bulkhead is again covered in black leather as is also that behind the bead head. In the en-suite walk in shower and bathroom doors are reflective providing a chrome space type look. Overall the private bedroom and en-suite are more than ample in size and complete the design concept.