Virserius Studio Compete for the Lobby/ Public Areas/ Lounge Award in the IH&P Awards 2015

design et al are delighted to announce shortlist success for Virserius Studio in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2015. The Hyatt Regency Montreal Lobby will compete for the Lobby/ Public Areas/ Lounge Award in the fifth annual awards.


Located in the Place Des Arts in Montreal, the Hyatt Regency had always sponsored a tremendous amount of cultural activities. However, prior to the renovation, the design of the hotel was completely disconnected from its involvement in the local arts.


The goal was to create an artistic journey for the guest where they could experience literature, fine arts, music and film in a subtle, sophisticated and surprising way. When the guests arrive at the hotel, the first thing they see is a map of the world laser-cut out of corten steel. The steel will age over the passage of time, a reminder that everything is always in a constant state of change.


As you enter the lobby on the lower level, you see that the map has been transformed into a wood planking structure. As a further extension of the theme, a topographical pattern is woven into the hand-tufted carpet. An example of the ordinary becoming extraordinary, this depicts a cartographer’s work as an artistic expression.


 The elevators bring the guests up to the main check-in level where they step out on a New York Blue stone floor and walk toward the check-in area. This features a cantilevered wood canopy that has been laser cut with a beautiful abstracted flower pattern that is backlit. The concierge desk was conceived as a freestanding sculpture that would break from the typical concierge desk.

The guests’ passage through the hotel becomes a journey through art and storytelling which compels them to continue to explore and enjoy yet another stay.

Virserius Studio