Congratulations to Virserius Studio who have been shortlisted for a Sofa Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Virserius studio have been shortlisted for a Sofa Award in The International Product Design Awards 2015 

The sofa structure was inspired by the skeleton-like structure of the Eiffel Tower. The sofa is made from resin made to resemble wicker, usually in a contrasting color for enhancement, and designed to withstand the elements.


In designing the collection, Virserius studio wanted to take the indoor feel and bring it outdoors, but in a fresh and dynamic way, not too traditional, but not too contemporary, either. Flexibility was also important; the seating pieces and other elements in the TVD Rooftop Collection can be used for a variety of hotel spaces simply by making different fabric choices to suit the environment or the mood of the space. Light colours were chosen for the sofa so it can pop from the resin, so you really see the structure’s architectural references. The open, loosely woven ‘modern weave’ also allows the structure to pop, so you can take in all the details.


The design works well because it will appeal to both consumers and fellow interior designers. The sofa, and the collection as a whole, was conceived to be easily accessible and customizable while retaining its smart design.


Virserius Studio