St James Interiors have been shortlisted for Table Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020

Designed to showcase the quality of St James Interiors design and craftsmanship, the Vithal Jesse is a stunning table that radiates opulence in the home. It was always a dream for Pritesh Lad, Owner of St James Interiors, to have a business that created beautiful bespoke joinery and interiors. After launching the company, Lad wanted to design and manufacture a piece that demonstrated everything that St James Interiors stands for.

The core concept of the Vithal Jesse was to create a desk with a ‘wow factor’ for a home study or office, and to inject a sense of personality into it, such as storing a bottle of wine or drink at one end of the table, like a wine rack. Initially, when the design was first presented to the team it was originally thought to be too difficult for them to achieve, however, after brainstorming and working on various solutions, the team found a way of constructing the criss-cross design.

The team chose walnut, as it was felt that with its beautiful colour combined with the grains in the way St James Interiors cut the wood, it would merely enhance the design. In addition, due to the grains not being so heavy there was less chance of the timbers splitting.

The construction fully utilised the ability of the company’s 5 axis CNC machine. The main advantage of a 5 axis CNC is that one can cut on a curve whilst simultaneously moving around the piece. Once the pieces had been cut, the assembly was a delicate job for the skilled craftsmen of St James Interiors to slowly join everything together.

The piece was very special to Lad, as it was named after his grandfather, Vithal, who is referred to as his biggest inspiration growing up, as well as from his wife Justina, nicknamed Jesse. The project was a great challenge for St James Interiors but one that the whole team enjoyed.

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