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Walker Tower by Brian Worthington & Associates

Brian Worthington & Associates have been shortlisted for City Space (Apartment/Penthouse) – Global Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

This 1929 Art Deco building named Walker Tower is a dramatic and iconic member of New York City’s downtown skyline. With this wonderful building, Brian Worthington & Associates had taken a few Art Deco elements and included them into their design philosophy, with gentle and subtle shades and tones of colours to give a rather relaxed yet fun interior for the 30s something clients.

Brian Worthington & Associates

Walker Tower is the finest luxury apartment house in downtown New York City, located on 18th street in the heart of Chelsea. The property rises high above its surroundings and features uninterrupted views of the Statue of Liberty and the Freedom Tower. Upon entering the apartment, Brian Worthington & Associates achieved an uptown sophistication with relevance to their clients with great refinement, subtlety and a great mixture of different finishes.

Brian Worthington & Associates

The finishes within the apartment consist of vintage shagreen, mercury glass, high lacquered pieces with ultra-dry suedes to achieve a wet and dry look. Brian Worthington & Associates repurposed a rather dark, windowless, awkward room into a beautiful wall upholstered library with custom cabinetry and a custom sofa along with commissioned artwork to fit the space. The library has now turned out to be a useful, practical room that the clients love. All of the artwork in this apartment is appropriate in texture, colour and subject. They pull you in and push you away where appropriate. The sheer scale of several of the pieces are appropriate for the space.

Brian Worthington & Associates

As with all of Brian Worthington & Associates projects there is a great connection between the architecture, the interior and the location. It is a wonderful combination that ticks all of the boxes of appropriateness. The heritage of the building and the blank canvas for the interior space was a key aspect for this project; it allowed Brian Worthington & Associates to achieve a seamless classic contemporary design within the space that the clients could really appreciate.

Brian Worthington & Associates

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