KD Super Yacht by Misha

MISHA has been shortlisted for Wallcovering Design in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

Working closely with Interior Designer, Tiziana Vercellesi, MISHA developed custom wallcovering designs inspired by the beauty of 18th century chinoiserie handmade paintings. Designed for KD Yacht by SanLorenzo, MISHA’s handmade silk wallcoverings express a ‘made to measure’ vision, reflecting the right positioning, suitable for contemporary interiors that connects to the owner’s personality.

Magnificent, custom hand-painted Peonies with full embroidery details cover the walls of the central staircase, which connects the common area and the cabins across three floors. MISHA installed six bespoke wallcovering projects within each bedroom, with the first being custom design Orchids with complete hand-embroidery detail. Journeying through to the other bedrooms, a custom design Peony on double silk and bamboo forest adorn two VIP bedrooms, as well as Oriental flower designs, and Butterflies and Fish that are hand painted silk wallcoverings within the other bedrooms.

The central staircase presented itself as an initial challenge for MISHA, as they had to create a custom size wallpaper, with approximately five meters of height, and an incredible continuity of their handmade painting and embroidery. The design of the bathroom walls was a further challenge, with hand painted designs on a thin layer of silk fabric. The wallcovering is installed between two glasses in order to let the light pass through, creating different silhouettes from the front and back.


Each wallcovering design is unique, adding a poetic, expressive dimension to the contemporary interiors of the yacht. The wallcoverings become a form of expression that not only serve to enhance the space, but also contributes to the composition of a true setting.


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