Watten Residence by Eightytwo

Eightytwo have been shortlisted for Living Space – Global Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The homeowners wanted a classic, understated design with a resort-like, yet cozy feel. They preferred a clean, airy look that is nature-inspired. Furthermore, they were not big on screens and technology, and to dedicate more space for more experiential pursuits like reading, cooking and playing. Also, it was important that there is a dedicated play area for their kids to encourage learning and inspire creativity and at the same time, allow them to self-entertain and give the parents more time for themselves.


A key aspect was to maintain a bright, minimalist and clutter-free space while balancing the requirements of the children. One of the biggest challenges was to retain the marble in the living area and the flooring in all the bedrooms.


The apartment had an abundance of natural light which Eightytwo were able to full harness and integrate into the design through minimizing the partitions in the house and using thin, black-framed balcony doors to allow the light to flow through the house. By using wood and light brown leather furnishings, they managed to ground the airiness without it being too overwhelming. The owners themselves have great taste and selected tasteful furniture that perfectly complemented the design. The most important part is that it was fully functional for the family and all the spaces catered to their specific needs and hobbies.

Many plants were used in the balcony area to create a resort-like environment that is tranquil and lush, much like the surroundings of Watten Estate. Instead of blocking the flow of air and light, which is ample, the design allows it to permeate the different areas seamlessly, toning them down with the use of earthy furniture and accessories to balance the brightness of the space.


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