Interior Designer Apartment by we.make

we.make have been Shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Europe Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

This small apartment was designed by Aleksandra Hobler (head of design at we.make) for her family. It is not kept in any particular style – it is a mix of recent inspirations that have influenced the we.make team. After several years of experience designing the interiors of flats and apartments for their clients, they had a lot of ideas and inspirations with many thoughts and experiences.


While looking for inspiration, they did not fully know what to expect from their apartment, but they knew one thing – they wanted the studio to be more atmospheric, darker, and bold. The apartment they bought was an ideal opportunity for this because it is very well lit (from three sides of the world), so there was no fear that it would be too dark. For the colour palette in the interior, they chose several shades of grey, black, and deep navy blue. Lush vegetation with a beautiful, deep green colour also plays an important role.


The most significant modification was the separation of the kitchen area with a peninsula with bar-loft-style glass in the upper part. Such a procedure allowed them to enlarge the worktop and space for accessories and kitchen utensils, separate it visually and acoustically, and at least protect it against some kitchen smells. When you are in the kitchen, you do not entirely lose contact with the living room (during regular working days, social gatherings, or when looking after children), and at the same time, you have the comfort of its use. The glass separation has additionally lengthened the wall, on which there is also the entrance to the bathroom. Taking care of the optical enlargement of the interior and additional lighting of the apartment – they decided to put mirrors on this wall with a stylish antiqued effect.


Living in an apartment is exceptionally pleasant, thanks to friendly, warm, ambient lighting, well-designed accessories. At the same time, it is very functional; it provides enough space for storage. It is convenient for a small, young family.


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