We really thought that with applications soaring, leading names flying into London from all corners of the world to compete and an annual growth of more than 100% since 2012, there is a lot of news to tell you about. As you know here at design et al we have been keeping you up to date with announcements of short listed projects, designer interviews and general information, but the expansion and unprecedented growth in recent months has led us to re consider the digital publishing arm of our business and create a coherent series of updated digital newsletters and digital mini magazines to quite simply deliver industry news on  a daily basis direct to you.


Today we launch the first of our industry news specific titles, dedicated solely to The International Design & Architecture Awards 2013. You will receive this in its current format on Monday and Wednesday and as a mini magazine on Friday each week. We will tell you, who is competing, which projects are entered, let you know who will be in London for the all important event as well as keeping you up to date with new product launches, news stories and interviews. This will replace the recently tested and highly successful “Design Industry Daily News” which was a smaller format, but extremely popular.


For more information on digital publishing at design et al please contact us directly enquiries@design-et-al.co.uk



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