The Whittling House by Ampersand Interiors

Ampersand Interiors have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 50 Rooms – Europe Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021 

The design brief was to create an ideal, relaxed and welcoming country bar and restaurant with rooms, authentic and true to its heritage and location but with a generous slice of luxury.

Everyone is welcome at the Whittling House, the designers want people to feel comfortable whether they are in their flip flops after a day at the beach or dressed up to celebrate a special occasion. Sometimes in the biggest hotels it is the smallest things which are important and which set one design apart from another, it’s the little details that people remember.

The favourite part of the project is achieving the balance between relaxed rural and luxury that also sits within the hotels surroundings. The design of the panelling detailing throughout gives impact to the rooms as well as clever storage solutions within awkward spaces.

The design works so well as it is based on a palate and fabrics which successfully conjures up a traditional vibe but which also ensures that the overall feel is current. Details such as crittal windows in the showers also ensure that guests are in a modern and on-trend environment, while the upholstery fabric and curtains on the public areas add the right amount of indulgence to make the rooms that bit more special.

In terms of the palette the designer took cues from the surrounding nature: The blues of the horizon where the sea meets the sky; the greens of the fields, the soft tones of sand and bracken, there is a nod to the coastal location in the accessorising while avoiding beach-inspired cliches.

This is a small hotel in a rural location, privately backed but with real ambition to be a beacon for the best for Northumberland food and drink producers where people can eat, drink and sleep in style. With design by a small established interior company The Whittling House proves that small can be beautiful and that local can be inspiring in a world often dominated by the big and the brash.

Ampersand Interiors

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