Wild Ink by Robert Angell Design International

Robert Angell Design International have Been shortlisted for Bar/ Club/ Lounge – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020. 

Wild Ink is the story of a cook travelling through Asia and seeing locals cooking food on the street and this cook makes a journal of his travels, tastes and experiences which cumulate when they finally reach Penn Station in NYC. The inspiration for Wild Ink comes in part from the location of Hudson Yards in New York and the many Eastern influences from new and original Asian inspired dishes.

As the main train interchange into New York, Penn Station was at one time a majestic building noted as the eighth wonder of the world by the New York press. Grand in scale and yet beautiful in appearance. Robert Angell want to capture this energy at Wild Ink in a vibrant restaurant for locals and visitors alike to have a great time with friends, colleagues and lovers in this busy, bustling and relaxing local favourite.

Wild Ink is ethereal in its energy, representing the steeped history of the beautiful Penn Station with the organic and natural architecture of Asia. It is light, bright, warm in tone & grand in form and considered details bring an understated luxury to the restaurant. The materials are textured, perforated & natural, accentuating grains, knots & veining but always luxurious at its core. Profiles are organic, to appear as if worn in gently by nature over time. The materials have a rough, less than perfect element, it is a celebration of materials in their natural form.

The relaxed atmosphere creating a warm upscale vibe that is not fussy nor pretentious. The bamboo ceiling and mixture of materials from Asian inspired architecture with the sleek 1930’s Penn Station inspired terrazzo floor create a juxtaposition of materials that complement each other. The hand carved bar celebrate the skill and craftsmanship that the restaurant exudes with its solid oak scalloped and curved profile front.

A large central bar has a hand carved base the chisel sizes used go from large and graduate to small to give the bar a ripple effect. Over the bar is a dramatic bronzed gantry which was a material chosen to juxtapose with the timber around the bar and was used extensively in locomotion engines. The marble counter itself in both the bar was chosen for its almost Ink like dark veins on a hardened parchment coloured marble. It evokes an atmosphere that engages the senses and creates a buzz where the diners enjoy a taste of Asia in surroundings that are conducive for enjoyment.

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