Woven by Christopher Farr

Since its inception, Christopher Farr has set out to bring together the creative vision of modern artists and designers with the ancient craft traditions of the great weaving cultures of the world. Woven is a compelling demonstration of that mission in practice.

Earlier this year, the British-born, LA-based fashion designer Gregory Parkinson spent time at Christopher Farr’s weaving mill in India, working with the weavers to explore alternative approaches to conventional rug-making.

The result is a collection that not only expresses Parkinson’s peerless affinity with colour, but also demonstrates a variety of unorthodox weaving and making techniques not found anywhere else in the Christopher Farr collection. The collection includes the use of space-dyed yarns to create intriguing colour effects and the application of different materials, such as wool and hemp, as warp and weft threads to achieve striking new frontiers in textural richness and variety.

Woven reaffirms Christopher Farr’s commitment to exploring the possibilities of weaving as a craft, and captures the studio’s undimmed curiosity as to what can happen when craft practices dating back centuries meet the visionary aesthetic ideas of today.

Christopher Farr