X-TREME 105 by Trimm Design

Trimm Design have been shortlisted for Interior Design – Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

X-TREME 105 by Trimm Design is characterised by its main theme of soft velvet tones, created by rounded pleasing shapes of the furniture and its velvet surfaces.

Trimm Design

The floor plane is cleverly arranged around the bar. This eye catcher is prominently set almost in the centre of the homely main salon. The counter features generous facilities and allows the travellers to enjoy the bar atmosphere in a separated but integrated area. It forms an integrated element with the kitchen that mirrors the shape and design of the bar. The surface of the sides is covered with buffalo leather in harmony with lighter but also warm surfaces of the furniture and walls.

The combining feature of warmth, softness and light is highlighted by the contrast of the black Venetian roller blinds, the bold looking stark dark door frames and delicately stainless-steel elements like the artwork and stands.

Trimm Design

The indirect lighting in the ceiling is set in rounded box with the effect of giving the room more depth and integrating the several areas. The whole room provides all desired aspects of complete luxurious home while travelling on high class yacht. The interior with its rounded soothing shapes finds its counterparts in the exterior with the rounded asymmetric shapes of the windows and coverings.

The forward staircase leads from the main salon to the Owner’s area. It is framed by vertical lights which brighten the remote area opposite the generous outer glass doors.

Trimm Design

The integrational style continues in the Owner’s area and facilities. Artwork and surfaces resemble the elements in the salon. Also, indirect lighting is applied to the same effects of enlarging and integrating. Coherently the emphasis of the contrasting elements of blinds, frames and metal is applied. Any sojourner is inclined to experience a homely atmosphere abroad even more.

Trimm Design

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