The Yoga Concept by Winch Design

Winch Design has been shortlisted for Private Jet Design – Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

Inspired by a client who wanted to continue with her yoga and mindfulness rituals in the air, Winch Design has created a concept designed around relaxation and meditation, complete with a private wellness retreat at the aft. The design would be suitable for ACJ-Neo or BBJ Max types.

Winch Design

Winch Design visualised an interior that eschews typical aviation design tropes to create an open and light space focussed on relaxation, meditation, wellbeing, health and balance. A hectic work schedule means that flying offers a rare moment to pause and recharge – offering time to let go and concentrate on the present. Winch has imagined an interior which helps find those precious moments of equanimity.

While the forward end of the aircraft retains all the usual VIP cabin amenities and features, at the aft Winch has concentrated on creating a private wellness retreat that means time spent in the air needn’t interfere with a healthy lifestyle.

Winch Design

The design team took influence from Asian spas, Zen principals, mindfulness techniques and sustainable materials, and drew on the extensive experience that Winch Design has creating award-winning spas on yachts. Taking a deliberate step away from the interiors of the past, the result is a cabin flooded with light and space, creating an experience quite different from anything else on the market.

At the forward end, Winch has opened-up the floorplan to create a spacious room for practising yoga, with full-height mirror panels, foot-worn timber flooring and sustainable materials accentuating the feeling of serenity. Moving aft, a large tapchan style daybed allows a flexible space for rest and relaxation or a chance to shut off and meditate. Adding to the feeling of serenity, research has shown that the background ‘white-noise’ of aircraft acts as the perfect environment to practise mindfulness. The design team opted for natural fabrics, leathers and marbles, favouring raw, organic textures and patterns over man-made finishes to accentuate the tranquil atmosphere of the cabin. Softly lit panels and harmonious feature lighting compliment the materials.

Winch Design

Winch Design believe that private aviation should be a joyful experience and the Yoga Concept shows that luxury is no longer about gold taps and deep-pile carpets but about the quality of time, experiences and memories.

Winch Design

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