SAFRAN Z400 Seat by Safran

Safran have been shortlisted for Cabin Design – Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021.

The push to offer the best flying experience is a constant within the aerospace industry. But a critical question remains, how do airlines offer the best experience in a way that makes the most technical and business sense? Safran presents the SAFRAN Z400 Seat, an economy class seat designed with a passenger-centered architecture enabling it to holistically integrate a complete set of features enhancing the experience and supporting a clean and safe journey.


Beyond these features, the SAFRAN Z400 Seat represents a new paradigm in which a set of features have been designed to deliver an individuated and enhanced experience for the middle seat passenger. By significantly improving the experience on the most compromised seat, Safran were then able to easily replicate the new benefits across the whole cabin, due to the modular nature of the concept.

The Z400 Seat has a new modular architecture that allows it to integrate a wide range of features with a “plug-and-play” system. The seat allows customization of the economy class seat for particular routes characteristics in an economical logical way; it enables customizing the flying experience according to seasonal variations and it enhances the flight experience offered by the airline, with a set of features that improve the passenger experience throughout the whole flight and during the most important activities.


Features include; the U-dream 8-way headrest provides to the passenger a great neck and head support which is also highly adjustable. In addition to standard kinematic of 4 ways headrest, U-dream offers a new and clever kinematic that aims to replace travel pillows. The Double Deck tray table is simple, yet effective feature allow passenger to combine two different activities, work and eat, or entertaining and eating.  The tablet and phone adjustable holder, a feature that acts in perfect correlation with the meal table, holds and retains your table or smartphone while eating or working. Creation of a Covid safe environment in an efficient and economically viable ways with the new antiseptic surface-active protection in the meal table. The fighting-proof armrest and flexible privacy wings represent the feasible implementation for every middle seat passenger, these features allow the middle seat passenger to enjoy a personal space without any conflict with adjacent neighbours.


The Z400 seat represents a new paradigm in which a complete set of features have been designed to deliver an integral and cohesive experience, a paradigm in which the collective value of the features exceeds the sum of the individual parts. The air travel industry has been severely affected by the Covid crisis. As such, airlines are directing a considerable amount of effort into offering solutions that entice the passengers to travel again.  The Safran Z400 seat architecture aligns to this effort in a feasible and commercially logical way according to the post-Covid safety and economic new environment.


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