Zimmer + Rohde: EDITION wallpaper collection

EDITION – the issuing or publication of a work and/ or its origin story; the opportunity to get a close and immersive look behind the scenes. Zimmer + Rohde’s EDITION wallpaper collection is focussed on the process used to manufacture it, achieved by highlighting the craftsmanship that goes into creating the fabrics, either as a base material, tecture or appliqué. After all, Zimmer + Rohde has been working with the material for more than 120 years now.

In seeking out its origins, EDITION returns to its creative roots: the colour, material and manufacture process. In an abstract expressionise style, the collection experiments with coloured fields, the application of colour, the blending of materials, and various different layering techniques.

Just like the collector’s and luxury editions are, all wallpapers were originally a handcrafted product. To create the illusion of depth you find in CREASE, delicate textile fabrics are carefully dyed, pleated and then finished. MATRIX synthesises coloured, cut, frayed and appliquéd pieces of fabric to complete the puzzle. RAFFIA PLAIN is a richly textured wallcovering that paints the tale of natural fibres from the raffia palm, which is native to Madagascar, and woven on traditional handlooms.

EDITION represents both a return to the roots and Zimmer + Rohde’s new and expanded in-house expertise in textiles. Each wallpaper is a display of remarkable craftsmanship and an expression of the creative process in any room or on any wall.

Zimmer + Rohde