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Intemporary Design Studio is an Interior Design and Decorating Studio by Alexandrine Lukach // Kyiv, Ukraine

Intemporary Design Studio is an Interior Design and Decorating Studio created by Alexandrine Lukach in 2005.
Our mission is to inspire and enrich our clients’ lives by creating artful, highly aesthetic, timeless, atmospheric and very personal spaces with deep meaning.

Our work spans from the creation of interior design and architecture for living and working spaces to the interior renovation of sacral complexes and public places.
Our stand-alone activity is assistance in selecting collectibles and contemporary artworks for the interior/exterior decoration.

“I really like the freedom of creating deep-concept interiors for people who enjoy life, appreciate art and are close to nature,” says Alexandrine.
We are located in Ukraine and implement our projects worldwide.

— Interior design
— Interior decorating
— Architectural planning services
— Assistance in the selection of accessories and art objects for the interior
— Assistance in the selection of contemporary collectible design for the interior
— Art and design travel consultancy

About Alexandrine Lukach:
Alexandrine Lukach is a leading voice in the field of Classical-Contemporary Interior Design in Ukraine.
Her method is based on an eclectic mix of classic elements and carefully selected items with a powerful personality, contemporary materials and textures, delicate colour palette and flawless lighting. The result is a sophisticated, atmospheric and deeply conceptual interior designed to suit the customer’s lifestyle. It’s always the interior with a story and a powerful idea.
An individualist in the profession, Alexandrine explores the balance of design and pure art and strongly believes in equilibrium, without falling into minimalism or excessiveness.
Her artistic manner is characterised by the total absence of aesthetic repetitions, formulas and ready-made solutions. She is interested in new directions, a fresh perspective and a unique experience.
“I love things that haven’t become the mainstream yet. They are specific, unique, and original. Uniqueness is rare, like an uninhabited island. It’s about quiet leadership and, in a good way, being an outsider,” says Alexandrine.
As a mother of three children, she has the first-hand experience of creating a modern space, consonant with every member of a large family.
And as an extensive traveller, Alexandrine understands what requirements to the interior are of primary importance for active residents of the metropolis and foreigners.
The decorator is an expert in antiques, classic brands of furniture, fabrics, light, carpets and porcelain; she advises on the selection and purchase of accessories, contemporary art and collection design. When implementing complex solutions, she cooperates with the best experts – designers, engineering and narrow specialists.