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KLID, an international architectural design firm from Taipei, has been in Shanghai for nineteen years, and has been serving top 100 real estate developers for a long time. Its business covers sales offices, clubs, art galleries, hotels, luxury villas and flat apartments, offices, public and commercial spaces.

As one of the few design institutes in China which can provide four-in-one integrated design services including architectural design, interior design, renovation design and construction, landscape design, KLID has been adhering to the design concept of “Innovation from Observation”, and has strong pursuit for the design works display effect, KLID has been always maintaining a full-integrated design solution in which Mr. Kris Lin designs the architecture, landscape, interior and Ms Anda Yang designs arts and renovation. KLID has designed many landmark projects in the first-tier cities.

KLID has been focusing on design, ingenuity, originality while abandoning the traditional interest-oriented business model. It emphasizes on pragmatism and firmly believes in that good design works bring good word of mouth. “Renovation comes from unique observation”. We should open our eyes to the world and observe new ideas to expand our vision. Every KLIDer adheres to this philosophy and designs out more creative works, and we believe the next design work will be better.