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Website: www.dextermoren.com

Telephone: 00 44 (0) 20 7267 4440

Email: dma@dextermoren.com

This London based design practice offers urban design, architecture and interior design, and has completed a wide range of projects including offices, shopping centres, mixed tenure housing and urban renewal developments. Furthermore, Dexter Moren has developed a reputation as one of London’s leading hotel & leisure architects, being acknowledged as the IHIF Hotel Architect / Designers of the Year.

Dexter Moren incorporates sustainable design and construction methods into all their projects and have a dedicated team in-house who undertake continual research into new and emerging technologies. They are the UK representative of Perspective, a network of independent architectural practices working together across Europe, which can provide clients with the convenience of working with the DMA team, combined with knowledge of local planning conditions and building regulations.