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The Hawksbee Studio was founded by Machan Enever with the intention to use her talents to provide curious and inspiring lighting design for the people, our clients, that use the spaces. To make those people ‘feel’ their environments through the lit effect.

Light is not a separate entity, it in one of the components to great design. it is a succinct and an essential element within the architectural fabric of any project. Light is so incredibly important to our everyday lives, do not underestimate it.

We work directly with clients and they’re architects, interior designers and developers based in various locations from the UK to the Caribbean. Every project has a diverse briefing and specific design intents, and we apply our knowledge and skill through-out these scheme. Working with the architectural landscape and the spatial entities of the interior scheme is an essential ingredient in producing a cohesive design. At Hawksbee we understand that the effects,physiological and physical, of lighting is critical to providing a multi-faceted sensory experience within any environment.
We understand that we are not simply responsible for producing a lighting design plan and specification, at Hawksbee we recognise that a project is a home. Our role is to recognise how and why the client uses each space and design in a manner where lighting can compliment the task in-hand, lighting may even be the lead character.