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Maii Interiors (, a Rome based interior design, architectural-engineering firm spearheaded by Federica Squillante Montoro in partnership with Eng. Mario Galleri create spaces that celebrate luxury and comfort. Maii has an international client base; completed properties designed in London, Paris, Rome and Porto Ercole (Tuscany) with current projects in Rome, Milan, Geneva and two resort properties in the Caribbean Islands. The firm’s projects have been published in Architectural Digest – the most recent: the featured design studio in the June 2019 issue of AD Style. Ms. Squillante Montoro, Maii’s principal designer brings thirty years of decorating experience to creating interiors that embody the intrinsic characteristics of those who will inhabit them. Her inimitable classic-contemporary style expresses the uniqueness of Italianità, a term indicative of the spirit and ingenuity found in Italian culture. This bond with culture and costume is what motivates and fuels her desire to transform a space into an artful composition – to bring beauty where there is none.

While the works pay deference to balance, detail, material and texture, Maii also remains committed to the authenticity of craftsmanship – sourcing to a team of master artisanal Italians the task of elaborating, refining, and transforming raw material into custom-made product.
Having left Rome during the early years of her childhood and growing up in Mato Grosso, Brazil where the closeness to nature sensitised her to environments, natural material, colour and light – the influence remains. Colour, a dominant feature throughout Maii Interiors is given the same importance as that proposed to architectural solutions. As with “light” – one of nature’s most coveted elements – external or internally manufactured via the transparency of glass, it privileges a space with its weightlessness.

Maii’s interiors bear as much affinity to costume as would an actual work of art.
Eng. Galleri brings a wealth of experience and engineering networking, guides Maii’s technical team in delivering quality product from the infrastructure perspective with full intent to deliver fully serviced and efficient abodes in the elegance and luxury-comfort of advanced technology and engineering. Particularly to projects that require a reconfiguration of old systems where the need is to prioritise modern accoutrements. New proposed smart engineering applications replace outdated heating, air-condition and security systems. Upgrade if not complete replacement to the electrical grid, outdated plumbing, door and window fixtures.
Maii’s goal is to create timeless environments while maximising space potential, paying attention to budget and the implementation of time.
Every aspect of the production process is rigorously followed and monitored from design concept to the specifications for custom-made furnishings, up to the completion of the project: consignment and installation.
Concurrent with interior design services, Maii offers clients services in property search, full property management, technical and legal consultancy, financial advisory services and property investment evaluation.
At Maii, each new project, like the prisms of a periscope, paths the way for new artistic expression, the creation of a personal scrigno (treasure chest). Mai designs interiors that embody the ethos of the “Made in Italy” brand.