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Stark Design is the first Australian design practice to provide a truly integrated approach to both interiors and landscapes. Highly and widely experienced, Jane and her team have worked on projects in Sydney, Byron Bay, New Zealand and the USA. Staunchly non-prescriptive, the practice favours a highly collaborative approach and a multilayered design aesthetic so that the client’s homes reflect their essence and feel like they have evolved over time. Uniquely, Principal Jane Stark has studied both Interior and Landscape Design, and views the home as a unified combination of inside and outdoor living spaces. After providing her services as an interior designer for many years she realised her belief that the success of interiors and the home are rendered even more successful when both indoor and outdoor spaces speak to one another. This drove her to add landscape design services to the mix. Jane’s dual affection for interiors and landscapes gives rise to a unified and seamless design aesthetic that is so very well suited to the Australian lifestyle of her clients.